Maximalism is an interior design trend that focuses on introducing more designs, patterns, colours, shapes, and textures into a space. If you are over the serene walls, white walls, and simple, clean lines that defined minimalism, then you will find a splash of colours, patterns and textures refreshing. While it’s never clear how long a trend could last, it’s always good to know where to get started.

Contrary to what many may think, maximalism is not about hoarding. You don’t have to load up every corner of your apartment with items. It is possible to be over the top and achieve cosiness in your home.

Be Generous with the Colours

If greys, blacks, and whites are your usual go-to, prepare to explore the entire colour palette in maximalism. Don’t be afraid to start from a minimalistic foundation. It is a ripe opportunity for you to slowly incorporate more vibrant colours in the space without feeling overwhelmed.

Decorate your black wall with bold paintings and introduce colourful armchairs to complement the sofa. You can also try some wooden flower vases with an assortment of flowers in the corner and a patterned rug. However, don’t be overgenerous with your colours. Start with three colours as the foundation of your space and add items.

Bring Back Your Colourful Wall Art

Full gallery walls are one of the main features of maximalism. The key, however, is to achieve coordination. Match your frames, colours and themes in your paintings. Fill the wall with paintings, photos and pictures that you love. If you are unsure about laying the frames and spaces between each piece of work, look for online templates. Remember, you are trying to be stylish, not confused!

Decorate with What You Love

Maximalism is about bringing back colours, textures, and patterns into your life. What better way to achieve this than decorating with things that you love? Stack up your storage shelves with novels and books that you enjoy reading. Bring back your decorative cutlery and pottery to your display area. However, remember to create a balance. Find ways to disrupt the monotony of the items that you love. For example, you could have a white wall with a single large painting between bookshelves and a sofa in the middle.

Play with Several Eras

Mixing different eras of furniture and decorations is an elegant way of achieving maximalism. Picture an 18th-century crystal chandelier hanging over a dotted rug, beige contemporary modern sofa, and yellow wingchairs. Fix a few candle holders on the wall and hang some paintings before placing a houseplant in the corner. If you have extra space, introduce a piano to give the room a sophisticated finish.

Try Patterned Wallpapers and Murals

If painting your house with different colours is not an option, try wallpaper. Wallpapers come in different colours and patterns and introduce vibrancy into spaces. Go for bright floral designs, 3-D prints or use the wallpaper to create black-walls for your wall-hangings. The best part about wallpaper is that you can vary it to suit every room in your house.

A mural is also a fantastic way to bring colour while maintaining taste in maximalism. You can preserve an entire wall to feature the mural with different colours in your living room or bedroom. If you are feeling adventurers, try painting the ceiling in your bathrooms for those thoughtful shower-moments.

Know Your Layering

Embracing maximalism is not about changing all your furniture and wall paint. It is possible to get into this trend by layering the items in your house. A few snowballs, potted plants and a lamp are an excellent addition to your chest of drawers. Introduce some woven throw blankets and colourful cushions on your chairs. Place a reading chair and overhanging lamp in your empty corner or throw a few knitted poufs on your rag.

Have Fun With Your Ceilings

You can make your ceilings unique and go slow on the decorative pieces in your house. It may not be The Sistine Chapel, but you can certainly make it entertaining. Paint blue skies, open waters, angels, and clouds, or go for bright stars in the nighttime skies. Alternatively, you can have a brightly patterned wallpaper on your ceiling and install a large lighting fixture as your centrepiece.


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  1. I adore maximalism as it’s quite relaxing, and it allows one to decorate devoid of the perfection pressure. Maximalism style functions aptly when it is defective. While the decor must possess some uniting patterns or colours, there is categorically no requirement to stress over corresponding colours or furniture— in reality, that is maximalism’s best part. I will be hopping on the post’s maximalism trend soon!

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