One of the fastest ways to make a room feel less cluttered is to remove your possessions from the floor and organise things on the wall. Most rooms tend to have an excess of clutter at a low level, and walls – upper walls in particular – tend to be under-utilised. If you can lift things upwards into an organised, stylish wall storage solution you will create a more functional space and a more attractive finish. Remember, when the eye can travel along a line without being interrupted, it creates a feeling of space, harmony and style; all attributes that we want in our homes!

Here are some tips for wall mounted storage to get those creative juices flowing. The trick is to think out of the box and work with the space and budget that you have available. But firstly…

1. Declutter

Oftentimes, we think that we need more storage when actually we need fewer possessions. Remember the Kondo mantra of only keeping things that you believe to be beautiful or useful and find new homes for other things. By decluttering, you can focus on storing your most prized possessions.

2. Add high- perimeter wall shelves

When we think of living room storage, we often think of traditional storage shelf units, bookcases and coffee tables. But what about the 12 inches of space just under your ceiling? Try installing a perimeter shelf at this height and store items that you use infrequently. Add trailing plants for visual interest.

3. Look at a fun wall unit

Whether you fancy a traditional white wall shelf unit, fifties inspired geometric patterned storage shelving units, graphic blocks or free-floating cubes, there are so many storage shelving units available on the market. In fact, you are limited only by your imagination and budget. If you can’t find what you are looking for then why not…

4. Make your own!

Any good Pinterest search for storage space will throw up wall organizer ideas that include pallets, wine boxes, custom furniture from wooden offcuts and all manner of upcycled, repurposed and DIY project wall shelf unit ideas. The trick is to think outside the box and have a play. You can stack boxes to make a wall unit or hang them above your sofa into groups for a visual centrepiece. Add a simple shelf above a radiator, or place one under a mirror. Varnish, paint them, or leave them raw, rustic or industrial. The choice is yours!

5. Think differently

You don’t need a wardrobe if you don’t want one – you can simply wall mount a rack and hang your show-worthy favourite dresses on it. Love your shoes? Add strips of crown moulding and hang them as art! Appreciate multifunctional solutions? Why not opt for a bed headboard with pullout storage shelves. Not got a lot of space? consider a wall-mounted, fold-down desk. There are so many hacks to try to make the most of your space, especially if you are short on space and big on activities!

6. Go custom

If you want a high-end solution that is perfectly designed for your space and the way you live your life, custom furniture is the way to go. Not only are custom solutions designed to be exacting for your space but they are made from quality materials and will last the test of time. Whether you want hidden wall storage solutions or bold, integrated wall solutions which double up as visual focal points in their own right, the right custom installation will solve your storage needs and provide a long-lasting solution which scales up or down according to your family life. This is a great option if you have your own home and are planning to invest in it.

7. Use an entire wall!

Why go small with your wall units? Rather than adding shelves and ad-hoc storage units everywhere, why not find a large wall and make it into an entire storage space. Various high street retailers sell modular and cubed units which can be scaled up or down according to your available space. They can also be used as room dividers and are chunky and stylish. Use them to store books, art, ceramics, vinyl, knick-knacks… the choice is yours!

Whatever your wall space and your storage needs, there will be a solution out there for you. Be creative and think outside the box for the perfect arrangement for you and the way that you live!


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