The secret of good interior design is in the functional and decorative elements of a room. When a home’s interiors benefit from high ceilings, it takes a high dose of creativity to decorate the spaces wisely. The task of adding character to such rooms need not be challenging as long as you know where to start. After all, a home with tall walls is a unique space that you shouldn’t be reluctant to use. Here are some effective tips and tricks that will help you master this art.

Go vertical with shelves

In a room with high ceiling, it is worth focusing on the core of the interior decor by giving the space a more stylish and proportional appeal. Architectural elements that go all the way up the ceiling will achieve this mission. For example, if you have a bookshelf, make sure it extends all the way up as a special feature. Tall shelves not only make an excellent backdrop in living and dining rooms with high ceilings, but they also add additional storage space to your home.

Accentuate the walls with colour

To bring drama to the space without redecorating the entire room, simply add colour to accentuate the walls. A large accent wall works in any room of the house, especially one with a high ceiling. Neutral colours are a good way of accentuating the ceiling height and creating a dramatic space. You can paint one single wall in a bold colour and the rest with neutral tones. This will give the entire space a fresh and unique look.

Turn a wall into an art gallery

Wall paintings play an essential role in tall rooms. In simpler words, they are not optional, they’re a must. They bring life to the living room and make the space look elegant and lively. An art gallery effect on a wall of the living room is the best way to arrange your art collection and turn it into a focal point. Just make sure you display the paintings at eye level.

Draw attention with wooden drawers

If you’re thinking of adding sophisticated and multi-purpose furnishings to your bedroom or living room space, a heavy chest of drawers will be the best option. The wooden drawers should be placed in the middle of the tall wall with a large mirror above it. This is the most successful trick to create visual interest in an interior with high ceiling. The drawers can be tall and narrow or short and wide, but regardless of the size you choose, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time.

Highlight the high ceiling with an imposing fixture

There is no denying the grand appearance of chandeliers in spaces that benefit from generous heights. Chandeliers add sparkle and elegance to tall kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. Tip: in an open-plan room, three chandeliers will visually separate the three rooms: the dining, kitchen, and lounge area.

Add textured floor-to-ceiling drapery

In a room with large glass windows, floor-to-ceiling drapery is the best option for added texture. Long, patterned curtains that match the wall colour help shape the decorating style, while brightly coloured designs will add glamour to the room. For cohesion, be consistent with the curtain colours and choose a patterned design to ensure visual appeal.

Create a decorative ceiling

It’s not just the tall walls that should be decorated. Your high ceiling will also need some texture to enhance its majestic appearance. Placing murals on the ceiling will work well, or use decorative ceiling tiles in white square shapes.

Introduce wooden beams for a rustic feel

Exposed wooden beams are most attractive in high-ceiling interiors as they reduce the scale and make the space feel more inviting. Wooden beams are perfect for cottages or rustic homes, but you can also incorporate them into a modern interior. You could paint the ceiling white to create a beautiful contrast with black or brown wood.

Take natural elements to the next level

Another natural feature that works well in high-ceiling interiors is stone. This material brings warmth and character to a home, especially if it’s used as decoration. Natural stone has a special charm that connects people with nature. It can be used as wall decoration in the lounge in order to completely transform the living space and draw the eye to the wall. To elevate a tall wall, consider experimenting with different stone colours and designs to match the fireplace and the overall room’s decor.


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