While people prioritise their bathrooms and kitchen when it comes to renovation, the living room is equally imperative and deserves quality renovation too.

The living room is the first place your guests see, and so, it should represent your taste. But what if things in there do not match? You should never worry about finances when renovating your living room because there are many affordable living room design ideas you can choose.

Before embarking on the design process, consider the following things first:

  • What is your goal?
  • What is the size of the room you want to design?
  • How will you use the space?
  • What items do you wish to keep, and what requires replacements?

So, is a compiled list of the top crucial tips for making your living room feel timeless and look luxurious.

1. Include A Conspicuous Art

Large-Scale art on the walls will not only create a focal point in your living room but will also create a wow factor. The high impact look is chic and with fewer hassles. The best places to look for large pieces of art at affordable prices are thrift stores and flea markets. Alternatively, you could make this a great DIY project. You can create your artwork if you are working on a budget.

Colonial style chairs

2. Colonial Style

According to Christian Siriano, a lantern-style fixture and a small crystal chandelier can add a touch of class to any rusting living room. You can also include a couple of white accents such as a painted brick to give your room that modern look it deserves.


3. Add a Worthy Chandelier

While decorating your living room, take this opportunity to include a chandelier. A classy chandelier will add a touch of elegance to the rustic look of your living room.

4. Wood Accents

When revamping your living room, there are some crucial elements you should consider to give it that perfect modern rustic vibe. One key aspect you ought not to forget is wood accents. Whether it is a coffee table, wood art, or accessories, wood tones are always a great addition to a rustic living room.

5. Corrugated Metal

In your esteemed living space, a piece of corrugated metal provides the best, if not the ideal backdrop for the Orley woodstove. A matte grey-black paint canvas also goes a long where if installed right. If you have pets or children, consider adding some slipcovers from sold at home improvement stalls. This because they are not only durable but also pet and family-friendly furniture covering.

6. Neutral Colour Palette

A neutral palette makes sense when it comprises of dark and light hues in different textures. Handmade capped lamps placed on wood and metal side tables are such incredible additions. Pillows designed from vintage textiles add more beauty to a leather sofa or mohair. To add toppings on the entire rustic look, consider including a hide rug tops on the floor. This creates a warm yet modern look in your living room.

You can also edit your colour palette by narrowing your colour theme to revamp your living room. For instance, determine your most favourite hues and start editing. This fine-tuning approach will make your living space pop.

7. Interesting Textile

Customise your living room with either antique textiles or vintage throw pillows, upholstered stools, or seat cushions. Another great but simple way to trigger visuals is by using an antique Turkish rug. The unique fabric will personalise your room with a unique feel. Also, a textured throw of your chair or sofa can do justice to the cosy element.

8. Aged Natural Materials

Adding aged natural materials into a rustic living room creates pure rustic beauty. For instance, you can install wood planked ceilings, brick floors, and a large stone to create a rustic look. Plenty of indoor trees and plants, together with the Lucite table, prevents your living space from feeling heavy and dark.

9. Update Those Throw Pillows

Make your living room come to life with printed throw pillows. Mix different feels of throw pillows to match the mood or season, and introduce new energy into your living space. It is a simple thing that you can do even if you are on a tight budget. Take advantage of the many patterns, textures, placements as well as colours. Other than focusing on the couch alone, consider the bench, chaise lounge, and armchair.

Your living does not have to feel outdated and boring anymore. The above rustic living room design ideas will surely set the right tone to your indoor space.


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