Pets are a beloved part of many households, and many animal lovers are seeking ways to customise their homes to make them perfect for their furry friends. From cosy hideaways to fully-equipped boot rooms, here are our top tips for making any pet feel right at home.

1. A Super-Stylish Pet Bed

Pet beds used to be fairly simple and basic, but these days you can find almost any style of bed for your cat or dog. People who love modern interiors may want to go for a sleek, contemporary bed made from easy-to-clean materials, and vintage-lovers will adore the mid-century modern beds on the market, made from pale beech wood in a cool 1960s style. If you’re looking for luxury, the most pampered pooches will love an extravagant throne bed.

2. Scratch-Resistant Flooring

Animals can cause a lot of damage to flooring, especially wood. Try to keep your pet’s claws short to minimise scratching, and choose a hardwood that’s less likely to mark. Tiles are ideal for animals, as they’re easy to clean and less prone to scratch marks.

3. An Under-the-stairs den

Animals love to have a cosy, dark space to retire to at the end of the day, and installing a den under the stairs is a great use of space. The easiest way to do this is by removing the cupboard door, if you have one, and filling the under the stairs hollow with a bed, toys, and pillows.

4. Up-High Spaces for Cats

Cats love to be high up, as they get to practise climbing and love to watch their owners from above. There are lots of cat steps, nooks, and even beds that can be attached to the wall to create a comfy space with a great view. If you hang several steps at different heights, they can practise jumping from one to the other.

5. Durable Furniture

Cats and dogs may be adorable, but they can often ruin furniture with shedding hair, scratching, and muddy paws. Try to go for upholstery in a similar colour to your pet’s fur, and opt for durable materials that are easy to clean. If you have a pale-coloured sofa, make sure it’s treated so that it’s stain-resistant.

6. A Mud/Boot Room

The ultimate home addition for pet owners has to be a dedicated mud or boot room. Usually located by the back door, these spaces allow you to bring your dogs in from a muddy walk, take off their boots, and wash down your pet before letting them loose in the rest of the house. Some utility space may have to be sacrificed, but it’s well worth it.

7. Stow-Away Space for Bowls

Pet bowls can be unsightly and annoying, as they often get in the way and lead to spillages. You can avoid this by creating a nook under a kitchen cabinet or breakfast bar where your pet can access their bowls all day, but they are safely away from the rest of the kitchen. Other options include bowls that are raised on their own platform, which also makes them easier for bigger dogs to eat and drink from.

8. Peek-a-Boo Fence

Some dogs love keeping an eye on their homes and greeting visitors. Fences and garden walls can be altered to create a little peep-hole so that pets hanging out in the garden can watch the world go by. These holes should be fairly small so that there’s no way escape-artist hounds can fit themselves through.

9. Create a Safe Space

When pet owners are home, they often let their dogs and cats have full run of the house; but when they leave it can lead to animals getting stressed and anxious, and causing damage in the home. A good way to avoid this is to create a safe space with the use of room dividers or baby gates and to fill that space with things your pet loves, such as favourite toys and automatic treat dispensers. They can be operated via phone apps, and some even have a screen for video chatting with your pet.

10. Pet-Proof your Windows

Some animals love to lie in front of the window and look out for the postman, but for others, seeing too many people come close to their home may cause them to get anxious. Stick-on window frosting or pretty voile curtains can be a good way to keep them calmer.


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