Sideboards are amazing and practical units that can take on the storage needs of a whole house. They are also very flexible hence can be kept in any room whether it’s in your dining room, bedroom or even sitting room. Beyond sideboards being amazing storage units, they are also used as interior décor that can allow you to create vignette without encroaching the floor space, with so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find one that can complement your style

Sideboard for Your Television Screen

Chose a range of colours to play with, for example, it can be yellow, white, black, green and your sideboard with rich contrast wood grain tone. Try to have a neutral colour palette to avoid colour overload while watching your football match on your T.V.

Have your sideboard flashing against your white painted wall and hung your Television slightly above your sideboard, now on the top of your sideboard to the right side of your television have a large rounded transparent yellow vase with green plants to bring life. Below your television place two large blue and white covered books and also two small blue and white books, add a short white pedestal bowl on the left of your television to balance the vignette. The trick is to incorporate symmetry, shapes, colour and make it functional, that is, usable on a daily basis. Custom-made sideboard will give you a plenty of space and freedom.

Sideboard for Portraits and Pictures

Most picture frames are rectangle or square-shaped, so add some textured things around it and make the vignette feel comfortable. Flower vase, tray, lamp and lampshade will do the trick. The Maximum number of pictures you can have on top of a sideboard is three to four, add more, and it feels cluttered. If four pictures are not enough, you can have a gallery grouping on the wall on top of your sideboard. Mix both big and small frame and try to have black and white frames only, to make it feel grounded and stylish.

Start with one large picture to the right of the wall, slightly above your sideboard. Proceed to the next pictures grouping them in two, one slightly on top of the other and making sure they have different frame colour and shape, the offset is to stimulate visual and reduce the gap. Then place your lump and yellow lampshade on top of the sideboard to the left side followed by two pictures then a black tray at the centre of your sideboard. On the right of your sideboard, you can have a white flower vase with plants in it.

Remember, it’s all about shapes and symmetry, colour palette, varied heights grouping and making it functional!

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