Colour is one of the most powerful influences on the way we feel and how we respond to interior spaces, and the tones used for walls and ceilings can have a huge impact on the feel of a home.

For instance, it’s well known that using “warmer” colours like deep orange literally has a warming effect on the mind, helping to make cool climates more tolerable. Similarly, light pastel colours can make hot environments feel cooler, while giving the impression of space.

Colour matters. But as anyone who has tried to create their own interior colour scheme knows, actually finding the right combination is a tricky business. With that in mind, let’s explore some ideas about creating unique colour schemes for your home that are easy to implement, and really have a pleasing aesthetic effect.

1. Coral Pink and Stripes – witty, creative, and easy on the eye

First off, we need to talk about pink. Pink is a bold colour, and one that amateur decorators are often a little shy about using. That’s understandable. It’s a real statement tone, and one that feels risky. If you get the brightness and luminosity wrong, it can all come across as too brash and tacky.

Even so, pink is a colour that really pays off when done well, and coral pink is a tone that we really love. An interior based around Dulux Coral Pink creates a light, breezy feel, which makes rooms feel positive and welcoming. It’s bold – for sure – but also not cheap looking. When you combine it with red and white striped curtains or furniture, and the right tone of wooden flooring, the result is a lovely harmony with an infectious sense of fun.

Emerald green walls

2. Emerald Green – bold and bright with an organic appeal

Green is a charismatic colour, which has a nice blend of elegance and boldness. But again, it’s relatively underused by home decorators because it feels like a risk. If home owners do opt for greens, they tend to play it safe, with washed out tones which hardly stretch the boundaries of possibility. However, with an emerald green design, you can make a bigger splash without going over the top.

The paint to use here is probably emerald green from Farrow & Ball. As you’ll see, it’s a deep shade of green, but with enough lightness to make rooms feel spacious. Look to partner it with cream or white furnishings, and flowers or ornaments with bold pinks and reds. Ideally, you would create a two-tone effect, matching creams and green with a few accents here and there. But don’t be shy – this may seem like a bold move, but it’s an easy combo to pull off.

3. Beige and Grey – A not so drab combination

The next combination will throw a few people. At first glance, the idea that grey and beige could ever be a “unique” or “bold” colour scheme sounds ridiculous. Surely, those two colours would just create an oppressive, boring, featureless interior with no energy or creativity?

Not so fast. Mixing the right shades of grey, beige, and white can actually use subtle shifts in tone to show off the shape of interior spaces. And by adding furnishings or works of art that offset those tones, you can create neatly ordered, pure, and calming rooms that are a joy to use.

However, choosing the right colours really matters here. We would recommend something like a Perfectly Taupe silk emulsion from the Dulux Neutrals collection, alongside Farrow & Ball’s Ammonite (number 274), but feel free to experiment in a safe space or on computer apps before settling. And always remember to refer to the kind of ornaments and furniture the room contains.

4. Yellow and Purple – a royal combination that really works

Finally, let’s look at a scheme with a lighter touch. By mixing yellow and purple, you can add an element of youthful zest to interior spaces, and it’s a fun blend to explore. But it’s one that can easily become a little “too creative” when the purple becomes overwhelming.

To avoid this, use yellow tones with a golden tinge. Little Greene’s Colours of England Light Gold (number 53) is a good option to look at. Try to avoid classic yellows with too much clarity. A little fuzziness works well when we’re offsetting with purple colours. As for the purple, again, avoid being too bold. Rosco’s Off Broadway Purple is a nice tone to try, as is Martian Skies from Dulux.

Any of these ideas can work well, depending on the interior in question, and the style of the occupants. So experiment, draw up some plans, and think about what makes sense for your own personal needs. Unique, eye-catching interiors are a few brush strokes away.


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