Every family’s dream is to live in a warm and inviting home, with a relaxing living room and cosy bedrooms. While personal tastes and preferences differ from one person to another, a pink interior design may not be the first idea that crosses the mind. However, pink is an elegant colour that goes beyond a girl’s bedroom. It can also be used in other rooms of the house as a statement colour. To convince you, here are some of the best ways to incorporate the colour pink into your interior living.

Create a contemporary and inviting room

Pink doesn’t always have to be associated with all things childish. This colour can in fact inspire with chic and stylish motifs. For example, pink wallpapers decorated with gold-framed mirrors will work perfectly well in living rooms as well as in bedrooms. And let’s not forget the other furnishings, such as pink pillows and floor lamps to make the living room super comfortable and classy.

Pink wall designs for the lounge

A blue bookshelf dominating the pink wallpapered wall is a great contrast that invigorates the lounge and makes it look warmer. Be sure to fill the bookshelf with plenty of colourful books. With a pink interior, your guests will instantly feel at home.

Pink monochrome furniture

Since pink is a striking colour, it must also stand out in the main room of the house. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pink furniture to see which piece will suit your home more. One suggestion is to add a pink sofa with monochrome tones to your lounge. By placing the sofa right in the middle of the room, you can enhance the overall interior look of your home.

Pink floor covering

Rugs in blush pink are not only elegant, but they also work well in dining rooms and living rooms – as long as the rest of the room is in neutral colours, such as white, cream, or magnolia. Blush pink rugs can also be enjoyed in a teenage girl’s bedroom together with a deeper neutral tone to balance the blush pink rugs.

Pink is a diverse colour

Pink is a versatile colour that’s suitable for all home décor ideas and designs. This colour is inspired by flowers and comes in a wide variety of tones including light pink, pale pink, hot pink, medium reddish pink, and many others.

Pink is a great alternative to the more intense red and purple shades. When combined with grey or black, it can create a sophisticated and stylish look. For example, pink walls are super calming, especially if they are accompanied by grey tiled flooring. Similarly, to enhance your dining room, office, or hallway’s interior décor, try white flush pink for the walls.

Add accents

Pink accents come with many advantages – without the need to commit to a full colour combination. The ability to mix and match a variety of pink shades will be enough to set the trend in interior design. Accent pink tones are a safe starting point, especially if you introduce pink sofas, pink vases and pink coffee tables to your living room.

When mentioning pink vases, why not add pink roses to make a beautiful accent in the living room or dining room. This will work particularly well in neutral spaces. You can also mix blush pink vases with purple flowers for the ultimate romantic touch. For a classic combination, opt for green and blush pink flowers in burgundy vases. But who said pink isn’t bold: pink peonies are the symbol of love, and to inject a little fun into a sophisticated-looking lounge, opt for blush pink cushions.

Pink curtains as the focal point

For a final touch of elegance to your interior décor, consider hanging blush pink curtains in the living room. This is an especially beautiful touch in the spring as the blush pink curtains help maintain a bright and airy feel in your home. As an added extra, place flowing sheers on your windows for maximum privacy, without stopping light and fresh air from entering the room.

Pink curtains complement a room with blush peonies and pink wallpaper. If you find these pink shades a little too overwhelming, add a touch of black to make it more modern. To go one step further and bring out the artist from within, use a mixture of pink shades on the wall for an ultimately cosy space. Blush pink curtains together with white walls work just as well for creating a warm glow in the living room.


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  1. Wow, this really inspired me for my latest design; actually, my friend wanted something similar to this, and thank God I stumbled upon this blog post. Now I discern precisely what I will do; the pink colours are eccentric and so lovable. Your concepts are inspiring, thanks for sharing and for including us in all this! It is easy to read and a gorgeous post. I have always been an enthusiast of pink, and I am so delighted to learn about pink interiors!

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