If you are planning to transform your house into the home of your dreams or renovating for-profit purposes, renovating a house is a monumental task and needs a plan. The following guide can help in the renovation process project.

Look for the right renovation project

Finding the right property to renovate is not always easy. When finding the property to renovate, consider any works neighbouring properties have done, outdoor spaces if there is a plan for extensions, surveys, and research on the property of interest to check for major, potentially costly problems like subsidence, damp or drainage issues and also having a detailed drawing of the property help with the planning.

Planning permission

Having permission to plan is vital. At times, you may not need permission if you are not changing the footprint of the property. During the renovation, you certainly need building approvals for structural work and electrical installations. Basement development, parking, decking, and single-story extensions are works that are carried out under permitted development. Consulting the local authorities to know whether permission is needed or not in conducting your work is essential.

Setting up a budget

It would help if you comfortably came up with a number that you can comfortably afford to spend on the renovation project. Before taking a property, you should thoroughly research the renovation costs to know if the project is financially viable. If you are working hand in hand with a contractor, they should give you a precise quote to help with the budgeting. Having a contingency of 10–20 percent is advisable to cover the unexpected expenses.

Create a design for the house renovation

Having a satisfying design of how the property will look when it is done is worth planning for. You will have to think about the changes you would like to work on the original property. You should ask yourself what you hope to achieve, then consult with an architectural designer to evaluate all possibilities.

Look for a contractor

Once you have your plan and design of the renovation project, look for a contractor to execute it. Working hand with a pro is essential and less stressful because they know what should be as long as they have the plan.

Schedule the works

Before you start, you should know what work should be done first and what follows after that particular work has been done. You may find that work in another room impacts works in another. Have a vision for the house and write a schedule of works listing their order.

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