The loft often becomes the most neglected space in the house, frequently condemned to an uneventful life of storing old furniture you know you’ll never use, or housing boxes upon boxes of dusty Christmas decorations. To help you make the most of every room in your house, we’ve compiled our top 9 ways to transform your loft into a space you’ll treasure, without breaking the bank.

1. Add a Skylight

There’s nothing more appealing than natural light streaming through the windows, and it’s a surprisingly easy addition to make to your loft space, with impressive results. Add one, or even two skylight windows to make the most of the sunlight that reaches the top of the house. The lighter and more airy the space feels, the more time you’ll want to spend in the loft.

 2. Install a Permanent Ladder

The loft often feels separated from the rest of the house, like an extra storage cupboard instead of a room within its own right. To connect the loft with the rest of your home, consider installing a permanent, wooden ladder leading up to the space, instead of a collapsible ladder and hatch to shut it off. If you can see the loft, you’ll be more motivated to keep it looking sharp too.

3. Let There Be Light

Natural light is fantastic, but sunlight becomes a rare commodity when the days start getting shorter, so keep the space bright even during wintertime to ensure it isn’t neglected. Floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and even candles are all easy, affordable ways to ensure your loft is never dark and gloomy again.

loft living room

4. Cosy It Up

Lofts are often small spaces, with wooden beams and low ceilings- why not use this to your advantage and transform your loft into a cosy cabin-like wonderland? Comfy sofas, oversized bean bags, and decorative rugs are all quick affordable ways to make your space more inviting. Why not even haul your favourite armchair upstairs to create a cosy reading nook for yourself?

5. Add Some Life

Lofts are often associated with clutter and gloom, but it’s easy to bring bursts of life into your space without spending a fortune. Invest in a few aesthetic, good-quality plants for your loft to get some more oxygen in circulation. We’re not just talking windowsill cacti pots here- don’t be afraid to go big with greenery.

6. Make Use of Partitioning

It’s a common myth in interior design that partitioning a room can make it feel small and cramped, but in reality, the opposite is true. Making distinct separated spaces within one room actually creates the illusion that the room is larger than it is, without the need for an extension. Even if your loft has a small floorplan, consider sectioning off a mini ‘home office’ area, or a fun ‘cosy corner’ to add diversity to the space.

7. Go Fun and Frivolous

While the rest of your home is useful and practical, consider using your loft as an excuse to indulge your inner child and let your imagination run free. Always wanted a man cave, a walk-in-wardrobe, or maybe even a room dedicated to vintage arcade games? Now’s your chance to make your dreams a reality, and transform your loft into the special space you always wished you had as a kid.

8. Build Your Own Guest Room

If you dream of more space in your house to host friends and family members, consider transforming your loft into a guest room. With more privacy than the rest of the house, using the loft is an ideal way to give your guests their own space while still inviting them into your home. Decorating a guest bedroom is a fun way to let your creativity shine too, without the hassle that comes with redesigning your own bedroom.

9. Create a Library

If you’re a keen bookworm, transforming your loft into a personal library could be a fantastic way to revamp the space. It’s easier than it sounds tough – keep an eye for bargain wooden bookcases at antique fairs, and invest in a range of comfy seating options for curling up with a book. Not only does a library look beautiful aesthetically, it’s also a great practical way to showcase your book collection and remind yourself to take a reading break every once in a while.


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