Lighting is every home’s essential element and can impact everything from wall colour to furniture. In living rooms, it’s important to consider the right light sources that can illuminate the whole room in a balanced way.  For example, the surrounding lights in the living room can often cause television glare when watching TV. While the bright overhead lights above or in front of TV can be distracting, there are better options, such as dimmable ceiling lights or floor lamps for a more comfortable experience. To take your lighting to the next level, here are 7 stylish living room lighting ideas that will make your space more inviting and brighter.

1. Create ambience with dimmers

To blend mood with atmosphere for a more welcoming living room, you’ll want to create the best ambience. Since living rooms are used every day of the week at different times of the day and evening, how you use your lighting is just as important as what you choose. Dimmers are the ideal light control systems that are cheap and easy to install. During the day, you can have the lights on full, and in the evening, they can be slightly dimmed for comfort. No matter whether you have ceiling lights, table lamps, or any other type of lighting installed in the living room, with the help of dimmers, illuminating the room will be based on personal preferences. A dimmer can be programmed for the specific lights, the time the lights should be turned on, and the intensity of the light. This way, the living room will benefit from customised ambience.

 2. Add colour

The right colour floor lamp can brighten up the lounge, even if it’s turned off. The trick is to use two contrasting colours that stand out. For a matching combination, choose the same or similar colours as the sofa and cushions. This will give a more coordinated look as well as help brighten up the living room.

 3. Install pendant lamps

To seamlessly blend light sources into the living room space, consider installing a pendant lamp. Decorative pendant lamps offer the convenience of illuminating the room in style and are ideal for relatively low ceilings and white walls. Remember to choose a white pendant lamp to make the room appear larger.  Tip: a globe pendant adds a softer and more practical touch to the living room décor, whereas bowl pendants take more effort to keep dust-free. Cylinder pendants are the other effective lighting options in high traffic areas of the home. These lamps can be used in any room of the house, even in the kitchen and bedrooms.

 4. Choose wall-mounted sconces

Sconces are perfect for compact living rooms. Wall-mounted sconces are a good alternative for low ceilings that aren’t suitable for hanging light fixtures. Furthermore, a small living room cannot afford to sacrifice its square footage for floor lamps, thus a pair of wall-mounted sconces will be the best option for freeing up the floor space. Another plus point of sconces is their added appeal to empty walls.  Pick a pair of colourful sconces that illuminate the space and give an enhanced appeal to the room. On the flip side, spacious lounges will benefit from a single chandelier rather than sconces together with pendant lamps.

vintage lamp, bulb decorative in cafe

5. Pair up different lighting fixtures

Floor lamps along with table lamps work well together when you need a little extra light in the evening. Use them in pairs with matching table lamps for side tables to create a sense of harmony and balance.

6. Add a focal point

Modern pendants or statement chandeliers provide a striking feature to complete a contemporary lounge. The idea is to create a focal point in the seating area by positioning the light fixture in the centre of the room directly above the sofa. By using elaborately designed lighting fixtures, such as candle-shaped chandeliers, you’ll not only illuminate the room, but these are works of art that also enhance the look of a modern lounge.

 7. Illuminate dark corners

Dark spaces don’t always have to be a bad thing since they offer a cosy corner to sit and relax. The trick is to transform the empty and dark corner with a large floor lamp. Place a comfortable armchair or rocking chair in a dark corner of the lounge and then think about a tall and over-sized floor lamp placed behind the seat. This space will be perfect for reading a book while snuggling on the chair.


1 thought on “7 Inspiring Living Room Lighting Ideas That Always Work

  1. Actually, I have always wanted to use dimmers in my home, but I thought that they only make sense in the bedroom. After going through this post, I now realize that they can work incredibly well if strategically placed. I am now planning to use ceiling lights with dimmers to illuminate various dark points in my living room. Though the idea is conflicting with the one of using wallchieres. That is because my main aim is also to decorate the living room. I am yet to settle on a single option 🙂

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