Looking for insights to create the sleekest space in your bedroom? Whether big or small, you can pack plenty of style into that room where you unwind every day. It doesn’t matter if the guests never get to see it; your bedroom must represent your personal style. To help you create a sweet private space, check out these 6 bedroom ideas full of inspirations.

1. Aim for a Bedroom Layout Packed with Style and Functionality

There is always a way you can work out your space to create the perfect arrangement. Think of small but cosy or spacious but not too big. As you decide on your floor plan, consider the flow of furniture. Is it easy to move items from one place to the next? The objective is to have an easy flow from the closets and bathroom, to the door. Also, determine the line of sight, i.e. what you see first after opening the door. Create a visually appealing line of sight even when you are on the bed. Avoid such layouts as the window overlooking the garbage pit behind the house.

 2. Choose Furniture Pieces that Serve Your Main Objective

How do you want to use your bedroom? Probably it is your best place to rest after a long day. Or it could also be a second home office or an entertainment area. Once you figure out the main purpose of the room, go for the best bedroom furniture that suits your lifestyle. Draft a list in order of priority and start purchasing the essentials that will accommodate your routine. Ensure the closets are not far apart if the bedroom serves as your main dressing area. If you like reading at night, get a nightstand to place a table lamp next to the bed. If you love watching television before sleep time, make the bed face your TV.

 3. Find the Most Suitable Location for the Bed

The bed is the first thing that goes into the bedroom as it has a major impact on the layout. One of the most romantic bedroom ideas is to position the foot of the bed nearer to the doorway than the headboard. You can also place the head against the wall and opposite the door. Ensure there is enough space to move around the bed. To create a balance in the room, place a centerpiece opposite the bed. This can be modern furniture or a piece of décor. For instance, a chaise lounge, a long dresser can do or a nightstand can do. Such elements are not only functional but also fill up the spaces surrounding the bed in a huge room.

4. Embrace Different Sizes

If you are into contemporary interior design, then you already know that it is all about functionality. Modern furniture pieces are designed to work for both tiny spaces and master bedrooms. As you shop around for decorative ideas, consider a mixture of sizes and designs. You don’t always have to fill up the bedroom with a massive closet system. You can get a small wooden chest of drawers and a medium-sized cabinet. Sometimes it is good to leave some space for a luxurious feel. If you want to save space, get some wall-mounted lamps instead of table lamps. A chest of drawers would look great at a corner, while a low one is best placed under the window. With limited space, it would be wise to forego a dresser and use a wardrobe instead.

5. Minimize the Décor

Everything that you bring into your bedroom must serve a particular purpose. This applies to décor as well. Instead of trying to force a style, let the bedroom furniture speak for itself. A simple tripod floor lamp with a stylish arc is enough. One of the ideas to avoid is matchy-matchy furniture as they end up making your space seem monotonous. In a small bedroom, choose warm lighting to produce a relaxing ambiance. But you need some warmth and comfort which can be achieved by a carpet.

 6. Choose the Right Paint

Before you buy some paint from the store, make sure you understand how it looks on the wall. Your bedroom is like a low stimuli sanctuary. You don’t need to fill it with vibrant and energetic colours as in a disco club.  You need a soothing environment with softer shades. If you are looking for a moody environment, go for navy or deep charcoal hues. Instead of bright colour, go neutral and make sure it looks great both daytime and night.

A new bedroom layout can be incredibly fitting and could mean a lot when it’s both sleek and functional. An uncluttered and minimalistic space might be all you need to get a good night’s sleep. As you plan to implement the aforementioned tips, think about the look you want to achieve. Whether you prefer moody or crispy palettes, you can count on bespoke chest of drawers to glam up your dressing routine.


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  1. Thanks a lot, the post has been so useful. A month ago, I redesigned my closet, and I think I picked the wrong paint for the walls. My bedroom seems to be too bright, and honestly, that is so distracting. After going through this post, I have a clear idea of where I went wrong. Its time I go for a combination of dull colours like grey and black. I don’t know if they will blend perfectly since I am not good at mashing up hues. All I want is an incredible feel and a sleeping space that is less distractive.

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