Let’s face it – bookshelves are the “in thing” when it comes to practical storage or decorative features. Not only are bookshelves an ideal choice for any living room design, but they add classic style to offices and even hotel or guesthouse bedrooms. The truth is that bookshelves are the perfect solution for anybody looking for great living room storage ideas or eye-catching, internal features in any room, as they can be styled to suit preferences and taste.

Styling tips and bookshelf ideas for any rooms

Here’s three top bookcase ideas to help you appreciate some of the many ways it’s possible to upgrade a room by taking the time to simply style a bookshelf to your design and layout then add the bookshelf decor to suit your style and preferences. 

Add crown moulding for a grandiose look in modern or traditional rooms

If you want to create a grand effect with a bookcase that offers immediate visual impact and is reflective of your love of books and reading, then adding ornate plaster mouldings to the framework of your fitted bookshelves provides that instant uplift. This works particularly well in larger rooms or hallways, and is an ideal decorative feature for hotels or conference centres. Once your crown moulding is fitted to the bookshelves you just need to spend a little time arranging the books on each shelf to create the most powerful statement that’s reflective of your business or personal ethos. Simply affix the moulding to the sides, top and base of any range of bookcases, so your line of shelving runs from floor to ceiling and gives the appearance of a permanent fixture within the room.

Stepped, modular bookcases are all the rage

Modular bookcases are bang on trend and often a perfect fit for open plan living areas. If you haven’t considered the design impact of a staggered modular bookcase design within your living space, then why not take a step back to think about it? A staggered – staircase style- bookshelf creates a unique visual impact that looks brilliant in any interior, but also leaves plenty of useful wall space which can be dressed up with wall lamps, pictures, and displays of art works. Not only do you get all the shelving for storing the books you want to display, but you also open up plenty of additional wall for lots more decorative features. This style can be ideal, as you can also decorate a bookshelf or two within your bookcase if you want to create more unique display features for your treasures and ornaments. Win-win, in many ways! 

Made-to-measure shelving looks fantastic and can be affordable when you shop around

Finally, opting for a customised bookcase can provide the most perfect fit of all. Made to measure furniture does exactly what it says on the tin…. It is tailored to fit into specific areas, so you can add bookcases to the most awkward, tiniest spaces. Of course this can be the ideal solution for many traditional living rooms which often feature a central fireplace and alcoves on either side. A made to measure bookcase can be fitted into these alcoves or any other area of a room to create a run of shelving which looks like it has been in place for years.  One reason consumers don’t choose fitted furnishings is often because they’re classed as part of the fixtures of rooms and can’t be switched around or upgraded when new layouts are needed. This isn’t the case with the modular bookcase designs from Tylko, as they are totally mobile. You can create a fitted bookcase in any room when you opt for the custom design features on the Tylko website. What’s more, these unique bookcases come in a variety of colours, with heights up to 403cm, and bookcase depth and width to suit your space exactly. Creating your own unique, offset bookcase layout using the Tylko design options is so easy, and if you need to upgrade your bookshelf layout at any time you can source further modules, like cupboard doors, or display features to jazz up your home even more!


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  1. Great post, I’m awe-struck. After reading the styling tips and bookshelf ideas, I want to employ all of them to improve my home and office appearance. I love the designs; they are so marching to what I wanted, plus the ambiance is just so perfectly appropriate. I am confident my family and office mates will like it as well, and cannot wait to implement this!

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